About Tristar AI

Tristar AI has developed algorithms to analyze human behaviors and actions, not replicated anywhere else in the industry. Our technology uses a combination of camera footage and AI-based software to deliver actionable information to industrial customers. We have an obsession with real-time performance, minimizing false alerts, intuitive and beautiful user interfaces, and creating powerful AI models. Our company has rich experience in the manufacturing industry, and a strong network of trusted advisors and customers.

Team of people working on a project.

Founding Team

We are team of technologists, strategists, and designers passionate about helping manufacturers solve their most challenging problems. We come from the automotive and tech industries with backgrounds at MIT, Harvard, and University of Texas Austin.

  • Salem Karani

    Salem Karani

    Co-Founder / CEO & CTO

    Boston, Massachusetts

  • Jack Liu

    Jack Liu

    Co-Founder / CPO

    Austin, Texas

  • Ben Rocci

    Ben Rocci

    Co-Founder / CBO

    Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Safinah Ali

    Safinah Ali

    Co-Founder / Head of Design

    Boston, Massachusetts