Human Operations. Solved.

Human error and lack of real-time visibility into production are costing your factory.

Existing Methods for Tracking Operations Aren't Working

Legacy methods like hiring more supervisors or spending more time walking the factory floor are highly expensive and distracting. Worker self-reporting is prone to inaccuracy. Machine-based sensors do not capture manual tasks and can require expensive integrations.

We help you keep track of operations on the factory floor so production never stops.

Done Right

Common errors or omissions are easily detected.


Supervisor receives alerts when important jobs get doneā€¦ and when they don't.


Easily review video from the moment an error occurred to quickly diagnose root-cause.

How does it work?

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Smart cameras monitor critical workstations
Important activity is detected and recorded
Supervisors receive real-time alerts
View activity through custom dashboards or integrate into existing ERP software

Getting Started

Cameras equipped with cutting-edge vision technology automatically track operations so you don't have to.

Installation Simple, disruption-free installation is completed in several hours.
Privacy Automatic Facial Blurring and full-body obfuscation
Security & Compliance Flexible data infrastructure built to suite your needs.
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Past Results

We take pride in driving impactful outcomes for our customers.
Results with partners producing household name brand products in automotive fluids and consumer plastics:

  • 30% reduction in scrap volume
  • Near zero error rate for palletization
  • Prevented downtime from vacuum pump failure

Developed at the World's Leading Institutions

Harvard Medical School MIT Media Lab Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Salem Karani - CEO of Tristar AI

At Tristar AI, we believe that computer vision technology has the power to transform the way we interact with machines and equipment. By monitoring human behavior and tracking compliance, we can create safer, more efficient workplaces and prevent costly mistakes. Our goal is to empower people to work smarter, not harder.

Salem Karani
CEO of Tristar AI

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