Factory Operations.

Optimizing Factories with AI Computer Vision Technology

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Data-driven actionable insights
into factory operations

Data Visualization
Manufacturers in precision industries such as plastics, automotive, and chemicals depend on reliable and efficient operations to produce goods.
Tristar AI provides software solutions that help ensure the availability, reliability, and quality of products for America's most critical organizations.

AI-Powered Smart Cameras

The world’s most advanced computer vision AI system

AI-Powered Smart Cameras

The world’s most advanced computer vision AI system

Access live data and insights
at your fingertips

Enterprise software with military-grade privacy alerts you when anything goes wrong on the factory floor. Get a full-service setup of our AI to keep track of product defects, mistakes during assembly, and more.

Know immediately.

Intervene now to prevent losses later.

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Low cost, scalable high definition smart cameras

Smart Cameras

Maintenance & Task Tracking

Task Tracking

Detect Defects in Real-Time

Defect Detection

A Trusted Partner of Industry Leaders

Automotive Industries
Plastic Films
Plastic Injection
Discover the cutting-edge AI technology, computer vision capabilities, and endless possibilities of Tristar.

Redefining Quality Control

Maximize ROI with AI-enabled manufacturing

Gather information on production in real time to prevent defective products, operational issues, & reputational damage to your bottom line.
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Our Vision for The Future

Tristar is helping customers around the country optimize and digitize their operations in plastics, chemical, automotive, defense, and beyond.

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