Factory Operations.

Our Mission
At Tristar AI, we believe that computer vision technology has the power to transform the way we interact with machines and equipment. By building tools for frontline workers, we can create safer, more efficient workplaces, and prevent costly mistakes. Our goal is to empower people to work smarter, not harder.
Our Vision
Growing up immersed in the operations of his family's plastics manufacturing business, our CEO, Salem Karani, witnessed his father work tirelessly through the night tackling difficult production issues and gained first-hand insight into the industry's challenges. This experience inspired Salem to found Tristar AI with the mission of leveraging state-of-the-art AI vision technology to streamline processes not just for plant owners like his father, but for all manufacturers, managers, and workers alike.
Founding Team
We are a team of technologists, strategists, and designers passionate about helping manufacturers solve their most challenging problems. We come from the automotive and tech industries with backgrounds at MIT, Harvard, and University of Texas Austin.
Salem Karani

Salem Karani

Co-Founder/CEO & CTO
Boston, Massachusetts

Jack Liu

Austin, Texas

Ben Rocci

Cambridge, Massachusetts

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